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Gemini Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

Here's Why Updated on August 28, Andrea Lawrence more. Taurus and Gemini Compatibility This pairing of consecutive signs frequently works out because the two share similarities by season, while still bringing different elements to the table. Taurus Traits and Characteristics As the center of the life-giving sign, Taurus has a lot of ego.

Headstrong and Particular Taurus is the fixed earth sign, and as the first fixed sign of the zodiac, it is extra stubborn.

Soft-Hearted Provider At the same time, there are many soft-hearted Tauruses in this world who treasure the garden of life, tending to it to make the flowers grow and taking care to cultivate what life needs. Gemini Traits and Characteristics Gemini is the end of spring, and as such, didn't work for the fruits it automatically gets.

Philosophical and Curious Gemini arrives in the full wealth of spring, so it doesn't have the built-in complexes Aries and Taurus have about making sure life happens.

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Flexible and Easy-Going Gemini generally prefers to go with the flow, though they don't mind taking charge once in a while. Can These Signs Work Together? Yin-Yang Balance and Fulfilment Mixing a yin-and-yang relationship can allow two people to cover more ground. Sexual Compatability Both of you will bring something different to the bedroom. Work to Understand and Celebrate Your Differences Taurus offers a lot more common sense, stability, and direction to the relationship.

Tips to Make the Relationship Work Strike a balance between time together and time apart. Both of you are content with time spent away and time spent together. Try using this cycle to your advantage. Know when to nurture each other and when to give each other space.

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By putting your best effort into this, you can strengthen your relationship ties. Be patient and strive for compromise. Taurus should not give up or get annoyed with Gemini for having too much flexibility in their mind. Taurus needs to be patient when possible and comfortable being more decisive. Neither of you can manipulate the other.

Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

Work to compromise and balance out your strengths. Keep things fresh. Gemini will appreciate variety on Taurus' part. Taurus should look to see how they can liven things up. Avoid temper tantrums. Gemini should not play games with Taurus' temper. Gemini is skilled at keeping calm. This helps the relationship with Taurus, but even still, rocking the boat with a Taurus can end in a temper tantrum.

Gemini has some edge in this arena because they can use unorthodox methods to move conversations in their favor. They also can use a calm demeanor to soften heated arguments. Make plans together and keep them.

Gemini Love Compatibility: Gemini Sign Compatibility Guide!

Plans are good for both of you. Gemini does well with impulse; it is how they operate. Taurus can make good plans. Know that you have different lenses, and find a way to make it work. Split up the responsibilities based on who prefers what. You should have some ease with this in being such different elemental signs. Taurus likes to manage their surroundings; Gemini likes to lead in unorthodox ways. Don't get into a battle over who is smarter.

This could lead to a crazy downward spiral.

Best Matches

Taurus has a blunt force to their intelligence; Gemini has a never-ending stack of wild cards. Focus on positive energy. The best couples in the world focus on kindness and generosity. Communicate openly. Taurus—don't get so independent that you don't communicate properly to Gemini. Neither of you should leave each other in the dark. Be affectionate. Gemini—be more comfortable with your body.

Communicate with it. Give more hugs and kisses.

Could a Gemini Be Your Soulmate?

As an air sign, it is easy to forget to do this when you are lost in your own head. Any Zodiac Combination Can Work When you have the right perspective and recipe, any of the 78 possible zodiac combinations can work. This is such a bad article. Taurus and Gemini are the worst match of all signs. Sign In Join. Compatibility Astrology Personality Type. Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

Gemini loves freedom while Virgo wants a steady commitment. Virgo can be quite sensitive and won't always understand Gemini's teasing nature. Virgo likes predictable relationships, but Gemini wants excitement. This is often a short-lived romance as their relationship needs are so different. Gemini — Libra: Conversations flow like quicksilver between these two.

This is a relationship filled with respect, socializing, and mental stimulation. Libra might find Gemini to not be romantic enough, too harsh and too analytical. Gemini might feel a need to escape to freedom. The relationship may suffer from an inability of both parties to set clear goals easily, but with effort, these two should do well together. Gemini — Scorpio: This can be quite a challenging relationship! While the initial attraction can be strong, it's Scorpio's desire for intensity at all times, that can conflict with Gemini's need for fun.

Scorpio's possessive nature can also conflict with Gemini's love of freedom. Gemini — Sagittarius: Both of you love adventure, freedom and stimulating conversations.